How to have them eating out of your hand.

18 Oct

As soon as I got my baby chicks my goal was to make them the most tame chickens of all time.  I held each & every one of them every single day & each & every single day they seemed equally leery of me. They would chirp as if I was about to eat them & run as fast as they could when I would try & catch them. I was thinking “They will never be tame!’

Ahh, but then I discovered the secret. The key to getting anything, including chickens, to do what you want. Bribery. Food. I started offering what they really wanted, but they had to come to me or the kids to get it. And they came without hesitation. And now, with out even trying they come as soon as they see me. I like to believe it is because they love me so, but of course it is because I have something they want. And they have something I want…their attention. 🙂

Anything will do. They are like cats with catnip as far as mealworms go. They also love cracked corn & any kind of greens (even leaves off of your weeds!)  So if you want to have everlasting adoration from your chicks, they way to their heart is through their stomach!Chickens eating out of your hand.Chicken TreatsChicken Treats


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