Winter is coming!

19 Oct

We had a cold snap last week that really got me to thinking about the coming winter & how to keep my cluckers warm. I have heard time & time again that they can tolerate the cold just fine as long as they have a place to get out of the wind & my Grandma certainly never did anything special when it was cold. But these are my babies!

I also read on my local backyard chicken message board that many folks out there do nothing additional to winter proof their coops, but I decided to go ahead & order a few heat lamps from

Today Fed Ex pulled up in front of my house & brought me a HUGE box ! I have one big coop & a smaller one, so I ordered 3 lamps & 6 bulbs. I want to be prepared! The bulbs are red, & I’ve heard that chickens can’t see red, so it shouldn’t interfere with their roosting. My only concerns are when to use them. When is it too cold for a chicken? As it has gotten chillier, they seem to know how to huddle up together. Where, in the summer, there were 4 to a roost, now there are as many as 6. Also, someone brought up the power going out. “What if they are used to the lamps, the power goes out & then they freeze?” Yikes, I swear, I would just bring them all in my bedroom! I would need to keep warm too! And they have feathers!

We are in a heat wave now, so I have a while to think about it. Anyone else have any advice?!!



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