What have I Done?

24 Oct

So yesterday at the Poultry Swap, for some reason, I thought it a great idea to bring home a turkey! Please, don’t ask me why, I have no idea…Well, that isn’t exactly true, I thought he was pretty, he was quiet & I thought “how cool would it be to have a turkey?!!” How cool indeed. So far, I will tell you not so cool.

Meet Tom Turkey:

Royal Pam Turkey








All the photos I have taken of him are blurry because he is terrified. He is afraid of us & all of the other chickens even though he is twice their size. C’mon Tom! Be a man! He is breaking my heart. I told my hubby that I will give it a week, but as it stands, I have to go out there before he & the other new girls are awake & open the coop (mind you, it is DARK!) so that when the sun comes out they don’t feel trapped. But still, I had to let the other hens out & keep him in the run all day. Oh yeah! That brings me to something else! He can’t free range for at least a month. The guy I got him from said that he will fly away until he knows that this is his new home. Ughhh. I REALLY like him, but this is totally stressing me out. I was able to be home all day today to check on him, but I have to work tomorrow. And does that mean I have to separate them again. I am very uncomfortable letting the girls free range when I am not here.

Seriously, what have I done?



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