We are getting there…

27 Oct

So it has been a couple of days since I brought the new babies home & we are making some progress. The new big girls, Lucy & Phoebe aren’t exactly making friends, but they are holding their own. However, Tom Turkey is really making what I would call progress. We added a new roost today in the coop & my hubby said the whole time he was in the coop, Tom Turkey was outside. Pretty par for the course so far. But this afternoon, I spent some time in the run & while he didn’t come up to me, he didn’t automatically run in the coop. He even seemed to consider eating some cracked corn out of my hand. I think I am going to gain his trust little by little.

I got an email today from the guy who raised Tom from a baby. I learned he is about 7 months old & that he really isn’t going to look like the big man turkey until next spring after he molts. He sen me a pic of his parents & a pic of him as a baby. What a cutie!

Royal Palm Turkey

Royal Palm Turkey baby

I am definitely attached to this guy & I am starting think I am going to have to eat Tofurkey for Thanksgiving.



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