Friday’s Random Things

29 Oct

Wow! 3 eggs today & I heard my 1st gobble gobble. I thought “What did I just hear?!” Then I heard it again! I also learned that a turkey’s wattle & head turns red when they are scared or excited.

Also, saw this guy at the dog park who told me about his 13 chickens & then proceeded to tell me that they would be “transitioning” just before Thanksgiving. Why did he tell me that?!!! They are 2.5 yrs old & just aren’t laying as much. I know people do it, but seriously, did he have to tell me?!!! Geez.

Working on a fence this weekend so that they have more room to “range.” Also, had a dream on how to hawk proof the fence. More on that at a later date.

Happy Friday. Cluck. Cluck.


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