29 Mar

I used to consider myself a city girl. Anything over 2 miles was “far.” “Please don’t take me further than walking distance to a coffee shop.” “I like being so close to my neighbors that my driveway touches their house” But all that has changed over the last couple of years. Not sure when it started to happen, but gradually I have come to the realization that the city no longer suits me. I want land. And I want the old white farmhouse, much like the one above, but replace the mountains with marsh. I want a barn, horses & cows. I want chickens! And roosters! And not worry what the neighbors think. I want to grow my own food & store it for the winter. I can see it all in my mind as if it were real & just sitting there waiting for me to show up.

Not sure how I will get there. But I will.


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