#chickengate2011-The End

5 May

I have 2 items to address, then I am done speaking publicly about #chickengate2011. People can say what they want, but I will be directing my energy to my family, work & the to do list given to me by the city.

Item #1.The reporter from the Patch was taken off the story & he seems to think I had something to do with it. In fact, I did not. I saw the 1st story before it was published & while I thought it was absolutely biased, I did not communicate that to the editor. I did say that I was disappointed that the writer did not communicate the positive things that all my neighbors on my street had to say. I chose to not direct my energy toward that. I also requested that the picture that was taken of my child be immediately taken off the site. These pictures were taken without my consent & I was deeply disturbed that someone was photographing my children without my knowledge. or theirs for that matter. I am also deeply disturbed that he has devoted his website to me…his stories (which I get), even my blog (which I used to get excited over 11 hits a day, now I get over 100), but my Twitter feed? My Facebook postings? He has a point, that I put myself out there. He is 100% right. That is something I am going to really have to think about because I have always been that way. I have always put myself out there. Really need to think long & hard about that. He also recently commented his opinion that he wouldn’t want to live with something like me behind me. Believe it or not, I get that too. He also said he is getting slammed on Patch. I had a lot of people supporting me with their comments on his story. Mostly because they didn’t feel the whole story was told. Did he not feel that I got slammed on the 1st article? I was supported by friends & strangers alike. And for that I am grateful I am sorry he felt attacked. What I don’t understand is what his goals are as far as I am concerned. Whatever it is, I wish him luck…I guess. I just don’t think I am that interesting. Like the reporter from CBS said last night. 1 neighbor making a complaint about my animals is not a story. Of course I wish I weren’t his primary focus right now. It is upsetting. But that is his energy, not mine & I am trying really hard to separate myself from it.

The 2nd item is much more important. I received the following comment on my blog yesterday:

I don’t usually express my opinions in a public forum but I am making an exception in this case. I know ***** and know her well and she is a very intelligent, kind, caring person who loves animals. And I grew up on a farm and I cannot imagine so many animals in such a small space.

Stacy you put every detail of your life out there on social media. So how could you feel violated by Tanya simply requesting that you comply with the law? And if you can’t afford to fix up the exterior of your house how can you afford to buy and feed over 40 animals? I don’t mean to be attacking you I am sorry for you. But ***** has been equally upset, and it is not her fault, it is as a result of your inconsideration. Even you admit that the roosters kept you awake but you didn’t get rid of them until ***** complained. That is inconsiderate. Did you think the neighbors couldn’t hear the rosters? Apparently you didn’t care. So I think you should step back and think about the facts. Urban farming is good if you have enough space you don’t. So if you really want to raise chickens and live stock buy a farm.

I certainly appreciate my neighbor’s friend’s thoughtful comment. And I appreciate that she supports her friend. And again, she is right. I put it out there very publicly. I was hurt & upset & I vented to my friends in a very public way. Something I am really starting to regret. However, my neighbor didn’t make requests. If she would have come to me with requests, I would have worked with her on a solution that would hopefully work for all of us. She chose not to go that route. And, of course, she is well within her right to handle things the way she did. I am also sorry about the roosters. As soon as I found out that I had roosters, which you can’t tell when they are young, I immediately let several of my neighbors know that I planned to get rid of them immediately. However, the feedback I received was that that the neighbors enjoyed hearing them. Even the neighbor located right next door to *****. So, I kept them. I wish she had let me know that they bothered her. And as soon as animal control came, I voluntarily gave them up to a lovely woman in Athens. I was not trying to be inconsiderate. Really.

On the “moving to the farm” thought. You know, that is probably true. It is possible that this is where I belong. And that discussion has been had several times  in the past months. It is something we are definitely considering. However, my animals are well cared for & that has been verified by several folks.

I am sorry that your friend is having a difficult time. I am sorry for this whole mess. But, much of it could have been avoided by a simple neighborly conversation.

Lastly, you have a point about our finances. As a good friend said recently ” The fact that you’ve put all of your energy and any extra money into them and not into the upkeep of your house is the issue, I’m sure as well.” Again, something I really need to put some serious thought into.

To wrap it up. I am done. No more public conversation about #chickengate. I have appreciated the support to no end. I am sorry that my neighbor feels the way she does. We are going to comply with the city’s request & I will be getting rid of some of the animals in my care. I will make sure that they will go to loving homes & not end up dinner. Folks can say or write what they will. I will not be devoting any of my energy to that. I hope to this will all come to a resolution very soon. I never meant to offend or be inconsiderate to others. I know that I will never change the mind of those that do not agree with me. However, I hope that at some point, we can live as neighbors without animosity & if we ever have a complaint we can feel comfortable that it will be taken seriously & we can always work it out.



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