Hatch 1

2 Apr

Emma’s eggs are hatching! I can’t believe it looks like most of them are going to hatch!


The Anticipation Is Building!

31 Mar

Egg Hatching Calendar

The anticipation is killing me! We have eggs set to hatch on Sunday. This is my 2nd attempt at a hatch, the 1st one didn’t turn out well, but that is a story for another time. So far, this one has gone perfectly. I know at least 2 have little squirmy chicks in them!

The one’s I am most excited about are too dark to see when candling. They are from our beloved, Splash Orpington, Emma & her betrothed, Blue Orpington, Party Horn.

I just added the extra water & I am a bit concerned about the temperature. Last time, I added water & like a doofus, didn’t think to add WARM water. The temp dropped significantly. This time, I added warm water & I have my fingers crossed. According to the directions, I am not to open the incubator until after the hatch. Oh my! I can’t wait to see them! That will be torture!

Sleep tight my lovelies. I can’t wait to meet you!


30 Mar

It all started so innocently. I decided to share my apple with Tom Turkey.

Then I attracted a couple of friends…



Little birdie on my shoulder…


Guess Jada wans’t going to be denied!


29 Mar

I used to consider myself a city girl. Anything over 2 miles was “far.” “Please don’t take me further than walking distance to a coffee shop.” “I like being so close to my neighbors that my driveway touches their house” But all that has changed over the last couple of years. Not sure when it started to happen, but gradually I have come to the realization that the city no longer suits me. I want land. And I want the old white farmhouse, much like the one above, but replace the mountains with marsh. I want a barn, horses & cows. I want chickens! And roosters! And not worry what the neighbors think. I want to grow my own food & store it for the winter. I can see it all in my mind as if it were real & just sitting there waiting for me to show up.

Not sure how I will get there. But I will.

Crazy Duck Lady!

9 Mar

No, I promise I will not be Crazy Duck Lady. But they are SOOOO cute! How could I resist?!! My girls went nuts because I have always said “no ducks. they are messy.” But they are SOOOO cute! And boy, are they messy! Woke up this morning to a wet, icky mess. But they are SOOO cute!

This makes me soooo happy.

28 Feb

The 3 Amigos

27 Feb

Last summer my daughter REALLY wanted a blue orpington chick. We found an awesome lady up in N. GA who had some new babies, so as we do, we took a road trip up there to pick up some new chicks! It seems like everywhere we go is far for chickens, but we really enjoy meeting the nice folks who share our love of poultry & checking out their farms.

The farmer couldn’t tell if they were male or female so we took three thinking “surely, one of them will be a hen!” Famous, last words. As they all started growing saddle feathers & looking for love, we quickly realized that we had 3 brothers. They are all great friends & they are truly beautiful. However, while I have awesome understanding neighbors, those 3 roos + the 1 Easter Egger roo I hope to keep make quite a quartet at 6AM. I thought it would be easy to place these beautiful birds, but it has proved to be quite challenging. I have stipulated on all the ads “they must not be for dinner.” I couldn’t bear the thought of them ending up on someone’s table. And, so the search continues to find these guys a flock they can call their own. ..Blue Orpington Rooster